Monday, August 13, 2007

iPhone Web Application List

This is a list of iPhone web applications I have found that are done or coming along pretty good. Basically this is a list of iPhone/iTouch web apps that have in one way or another captured my interest. They may work well, they may be flakey. I might find some of these useful or entertaining, but mainly, for me, I am looking for ideas, how to do (or not do) things on a web app. I just want to provide one central place where you (or myself) can go to find them.
  • Facebook - iPhone/iTouch version of Facebook (work done by Joe Hewitt).
  • iPhoneWx demo - a weather application for the iPhone.
  • iTypeText - some sort of customized "keyboard" input routine.
  • Pickle View - Follow real-time baseball games.
  • Ion Bowl - Bowling game.
  • Carmadillo - A Frogger type game. You're an armadillo trying to avoid cars, etc.
  • Bejeweled by Popcap - The original gem-matching game.
  • Fandango - iPhone/iTouch version of the Fandango movie website. This is kinda cool. I think I could actually use this practically!
  • Big Bang Sudoku - Puzzle game with four difficulty levels.
  • SmugMug - iPhone/iTouch version of a popular photo sharing site.
  • Typepad for iPhone - An iPhone optimized portal for updating your Typepad blog.

Know of any other promising iPhone apps? Let me know in a comment below! I will keep adding to the list as I find more apps.

UPDATE: Apple now has their own directory of web applications for the iPhone/iTouch. You can check out what they have at any time via the links under Apple Web App Directory on the left hand of any page on this blog.


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