Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exploring the iPhone Safari DOM

You may recall my post about how neat it would be if someone would write a tool to explore the iPhone's DOM sort of like done on BrainJar.com. My idea was to use Ajax to display the information on a regular sized monitor. Nice idea. But new code needs to be written.

All of a sudden I had an epiphany. If I didn't mind looking at the DOM on the iPhone's display, I could just go to the page Mike Hall created on his site and use it on my iPhone!

It worked!

  • Put the following URL into your iPhone: http://brainjar.com/dhtml/domviewer/demo.html
  • Use your fingers to enlarge the page that comes up to a decent size.
  • Look on the page for the text: "The DOM Viewer can be used explore this page's document tree."
  • The word "document" will be in a slightly different font.
  • Tap the word "document" with your finger.
  • A new window will open up in the browser showing you the DOM tree!
  • Use your fingers to zoom this output to a readable size.
  • Go crazy discovering new interesting stuff about iPhone Safari!

Thanks Mike Hall for creating such a useful tool!

Note: you may have to tap links more than once to get them to work.


  1. on a related note - does xray work for the iPhone?


    I'd love to be able to test it, but live in an Phone challenged geographic location :-)



  2. John, because of the lousey connection to the internet from my work (via the iphone), I was not able to try this URL.

    I have yet to try it from a connected location. One nice thing about the page on BrainJar.com is that it displays the DOM in a tree-structure format where you can expand and collapse nodes of the tree with your mouse (or in this case your finger)!


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