Monday, August 6, 2007

iPhone Obsessed

There is just something about this whole iPhone thing that keeps bringing me back. It draws me like a bug to a light of a summer's night. Right now, I can't afford to own one. But I want to try out different "programs" I've worked on on the thing. Is that good English? :) So I load up my code on my web host, hop in my car, drive over to the Apple store and try out my creation. Kinda tedious to say the least!

It definitely brings back memories. Remember the Radio Shack TRS-80? I was a teenager when it came out. I couldn't afford one of those either. Me and my friend Rick would go over to Radio Shack and hopefully the staff would allow us to play with the show room model and try some programming. Some did, others were a little cranky.

The computers of that era weren't commodities, or appliances that people just ran canned software on them, they were the center of exploration, and imagination. They were the realm of hobbyists.

I would not suggest that the iPhone is some klugy little computer that doesn't do much and hobbyists would go through great hurdles to get something useful out of them. Steve Jobs might have a cow that someone would say such a thing!

But in a way it is limited on how you can develop on it. And, though it's interface blows other cell phones in the dust, it is a cell phone, and there are the limits of such things as the screen size and battery life, and (at least for now) the need to be connected to the Internet. These challenges, and the beauty of the device, pull me in.

It is truly a "gadget." One that invites, challenges, a person to play, to create. And has the benefit of being small enough to carry around.

Lord willing, I will get my own iPhone so I can have my own personal gadget, I will play with my new toy. I will create, I will continue to imagine.

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