Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A New Dawn?

Quite some time has passed. In that period of time much has transpired.
  • I have a better understanding of Interface Builder now (I would not say that I have a good understanding yet... but I know enough to get some stuff done now).
  • I've actually got little apps I've made to install and run on my actual phone instead of just running in the iPhone Simulator.
  • I've finally got a tab view/navigation view controller type app to work properly.
  • I've got more proficient at working with "tables" in the views (not to be confused with database tables).
  • And speaking of databases, I've been able to create an app the creates a SQLite database file and creates some tables in it and read/writes data to those tables.
  • I've successfully got to work the showing and hiding of a modal view with a modal view controller.
  • Oh, and I bought myself a new iMac for my birthday!

I wouldn't say that I have learned everything I need to know in order to write successful iPhone apps, but I think I probably have 90% of what I need to know down. I am planning on doing some video tutorials on what I've learned... stay tuned...