Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 Hour Energy Shots - Too Much to Handle!

You might have heard of these 5 hour energy shots. Sound just like the thing for you programmers out there! Right? Hmmm...

I guess that depends on who you are. I tried it and it worked fine. It kicked in in about 5 minutes after drinking it (I had the whole 2oz bottle).

Then I felt great! But, about an hour later (maybe less) it kicked in harder. I felt not just alert but wired. A little too much there Orville! Ah well, after 5 hours it should have worn off--- right? Wrong-o!

Went to bed around 10pm. Wide awake. I wasn't able to do any decent dozing even until around 1 in the morning. I'm probably extra sensitive to this stuff. But at least you've been warned by someone to "go it slow."

If I do try this stuff again, I will probably only drink a quarter of the bottle for the day and see what happens. After my experience a couple of days ago, its going to be awhile before I attempt this again! Today is the first day that I feel that there are no lingering effects still clinging to me!

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