Friday, August 3, 2007

A Google Phone?

We've heard for a while talk about Google coming out with their own cell phone. And there is the talk about them buying a spectrum of bandwidth (at least bidding for it). This article on Gizmocafe makes this look like it could actually be a real deal. I both like this idea and don't like it as well.

I like it because of the competition this brings to the market. I don't like it because if I get the iPhone and Google's is better then what? Or if I get Google's phone and then what do I do about this site? If I'm obsessed with both phones, how can I afford to own two smart phones?

Well the G-phone is not out yet, and we know what Google supposedly says the device will do, but we'll have to see how it stacks up to the iPhone.

Perhaps the G-Phone is just a re-branded iPhone? Haha!

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