Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Some iPhone Development Tools

Here's a list of some development tools for the iPhone that I've stumbled upon. I found this batch on the Juixe TechKnow page talking about the iPhone DevCamp. At this point I have yet to really use all the functionality offered by them. I've just visited their pages and read up on them abit. I've not included everything from this page because I've got links to those other things elsewhere on my blog. I've tried to flesh out some more details for you though.
  • iPhoney - This is a free, open-source web simulator one can use for working on an iPhone app on your PC. One little note: I keep debugging turned on in IE and this page gets some javascript errors. Tisk, tisk!
  • Ajaxian page covering iPhone development tips. Right now there are some tips on using Javascript to check the orientation of your iPhone and adjust for it, getting rid of the tool bar, using the "viewport" option of the meta tag, and a few other bits. As with many resources out there right now it is a bit sparse.
  • David Cann's iPhone Simulator. It's fun to flick the list up and down in this simulated iPhone. I'm not sure (its not clear to me) if this just allows you to play with a virtual iPhone on your PC or if somehow one can use it to debug their own iPhone apps.
  • TestiPhone.com - iPhone Simulator. This one really looks attractive to me. Supposedly it works best if you use it with the Safari 3 browser. It also works with IE7 and FireFox 2. You can type in your URL in the simulated URL textbox and press ENTER. And it works. I tried this one out abit. Note the Google page doesn't automatically come up. Hitting the "Refresh" button does not work right. I had some frame issues. But this shows real potential. If they get this working completely, one could try stuff out without needing to install alll sorts of stuff on one's PC. Currently it does not support zooming, though they are working on it.
  • Firebug for the iPhone. Joe Hewitt has created this tool for testing Javascript on your iPhone. It appears to allow you to enter javascript into a web site on your regular PC, the site in turn "sends" the javascript to your iPhone, the iPhone then runs the javascript and returns the results. The results are displayed on your nice large computer monitor of your PC instead of the iPhones relatively small screen. The server stuff is written in Python. I don't know Python, but Joe's thoughts have given me some ideas of my own.

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