Monday, October 15, 2007

Apple's Gonna Make a Bushel of Money

I am now realizing (via personal experience), that Apple's move to add the wireless iTunes store to the iPhone/iTouch is a very smart move. Although the selections available are limited compared to running iTunes on your PC, it's still a good selection.

I found myself looking for different songs and have purchased/downloaded several. There's a few things I'd like to note here:
  • I probably would not have purchased these songs if the wireless iTunes store on my iPhone did not exist.
  • When on a Wifi network, getting new tunes is so easy... increasing the likelihood of a person purchasing music.
  • Although I purchased several different songs and one album, I didn't break the bank. The prices were reasonable (especially compared to the price of an album at a record store).
  • Although the purchase I made add up to a small amount of money, multiply that amount times the thousands (or potentially millions) of iPhone owners who will do the same thing!

I'm still hoping that they add audio books to the Wifi iTunes store, we'll see.

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