Monday, October 29, 2007

Is the Honeymoon Over?

A few times lately I've forgotten to bring my iPhone with me (its in my pocket right now). My wife has been suprised by this. More than once she's said: "Have you forgotten your girlfriend?"

I must admit the intense infatuation is pretty much over for now. Now my phone and I have a more low-key relationship! It is definitely an awesome mobile phone. I still can't wait to see what Apple comes up with for developers at the beginning of '08. But I'm not draining down the battery like I used to.

I did watch "Meet The Robinsons" on my iPhone. It's a Disney movie I bought and downloaded off the iTunes store. It was fun. And the quality of the video output and sound is great. But watching video on it has already become sort of "been there... done that."

Well, it looks like the iPhone won't meet all my emotional needs! It's just a machine designed by some creative people after all. Well, now I can move on and have a more mature perspective on the iPhone. It's a tool not a Saviour. Should I change the name of this blog to reflect my new attitude?

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