Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2.2 and Program Portal Woes

I made (in my opinion) a big mistake by installing iPhone OS 2.2 on my iPhone a couple of days ago. Now I cannot install any apps I've worked on onto my phone! :(

I basically thought, well, it doesn't matter that this happened, I just got an iMac a short time ago and I want do do development on it instead of my MacBook anyway. The screen is much larger and easier to read that the laptop, the keyboard is better, it has more storage, etc.

So I revoked my certificates, created a request for a certificate and posted it into the program portal.

Part of vast frustration: After posting, usually I get the option to approve the certificate (since I am the "agent") but no option shows up to do this. Arrrrggghhh!

I've submitted a "request" I think the day before yesterday. Still no word from Apple. It makes me want to tear my hair out! Appeo! Appeo! wherefore art thou Appeo!

Another wonky thing: Controls you place on a view in Interface builder don't always appear in the simulator where you put them in the builder. You have to offset their positions to make them come up right. Also, the positioning (both wrong) is different from 2.1 to 2.2! 

If you haven't installed the iPhone OS 2.2 on your iPhone yet, I would say hold off for now. Just my take.

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