Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Integrated Social Media Tool For the iPhone?

More and more, I'm getting closer to finishing my first iPhone app, which, hopefully, will find its way into the App Store. As I get more and more adept at using the iPhone SDK, I'm beginning to wonder what other apps I could build. The two current apps I'm building I'm keeping it secret what they're for, but there is one idea I am going to put out there before I've written a line of code...

What About an Integrated Social Media Tool For the iPhone?
Currently there is a Facebook app, various Twitter apps, etc.,etc.,etc! Robert Scoble spends allot of time talking about trying to integrate all his data, to integrate all his feeds, etc.

If this could be done on the iPhone, how would you do it? I mean, we don't want some kludgy monstrosity here!

Would the tool just be a way of dispersing our own data quickly to multiple channels? Or would it also include a way of keeping track of all your favorite feeds possibly in real-time?

Give me some feedback people! I'm keen to hear what you have to say! And Robert, if you read this, tell me, what would your social media dream app look like running on the iPhone?

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