Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pause/Play clicker on iPhone Headset Wire

You probably already know this, but I share it anyways...
Have you ever been listening to your tunes on your iPhone through the ear buds that came with the phone, and you squeezed the little clicker on the wire to pause the playing of your music, and the music continued playing merrily along?

You clicked it again, and still it played on?

I discovered today, that it is possible to have your headset plugged in far enough to hear your music just fine, but not far enough for the "clicker" to work.

Solution? Just push the plug in a little farther and try again!


  1. yup happens to me all the time. Did you know you can double click to skip forward, or tripple click to skip back?

  2. Hey! That's cool! I didn't know that. I gave it a try and it worked of course. The triple click is a little flaky at working properly. But still, nice touch by those Apple engineers.


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