Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favorite Time-Wasting Game: Fieldrunners!

I've meant to write about this tower-defence game... but I guess I have been too busy playing it! The graphics for it are really spiffy, the basic game play is simple to pick up, but as the game progresses it gets brutally challenging!

Basically, you have to stop these little guys, tanks, robots, planes and helicopters from getting from one side of the screen safely to the other side. You build "towers" that deter and shoot at the field runners trying to cross the field (there are 3 different maps at this time).

Certain units are tougher than others, and, as the game goes on, each of the different units becomes progressively tougher. Units have to travel around towers that block them. Except for the copters that is, which can fly in a straight line from one side of the screen to the other. These guys are the bane of Fieldrunners fans!

You have 20 lives. Use up the 20, and the game is over. Great game! They also have a great web site... http://fieldrunners.com/, and, the game will soon be available for the PSP.

About the screen shot:
Yes, it is true, the score in the screen shot above (1,012,075) is accurate and is my score. No cheating was involved. And it is my best score. Mear moments after this screen shot was taken, due to the imfamous copters, the game was over!

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