Friday, October 16, 2009

Apple Now Offering In App Purchasing for Free Apps

On October 15th, Apple announced that they are giving developers of apps for the iPhone the ability to add in-app purchasing functionality to free apps. This is great news for developers and really the consumer too because it makes it possible that if you have a Lite (free) version of your app and a full (paid) version of your app, now you can have just one app to place on the app store that handles both scenarios.

Imagine a user can download the lite version for free. Try out the app. And, if they like it, purchase the full app inside. Shazam! The lite version of the app instantly transforms into the full version of the app without having to download any new app from the App Store!

And, of course, there is the possibility of doing up-grade purchase in app, subscriptions, etc.

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  1. Definitely an awesome feature for apple to give iphone developers. This will help increase 3rd party apps, once again, because it will help fund development for free apps.


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