Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A New Home for my iPhone Obsessed-Like Posts

I just created a post on how to fix a Base SDK Missing error... but not here on iPhone Obsessed. But rather on chomer.com, my main site.

I must say that I have wanted for quite some time now to be posting everything I write on my main site. This means iPhone or iPad related posts as well as any other subject I choose to write on. But quite frankly I was rather embarrassed with the state that my "official" web site was in and thought it might drive people away if they saw it!

Well, now after working on and off on my site for a while now, I think I am happy with it and feel confident that it is where I want to "put down roots" on the Internet!

From now on I plan to post all my content on the iPhone/iPad, and iOS programming there instead. If you are subscribed to Feedburner for iPhone Obsessed I would suggest subscribing to Feedburner for Chomer.com so you can be informed of all the latest posts!

What kind of things can you expect?
  • General information articles on the iPhone and iPad.
  • iOS SDK development information.
  • Information on Objective C.
  • Programming information/tips on other platforms/programming languages.
  • Freeware.
  • Open source code.
  • Techie and geeky type things.
  • Information on other tangents of mine every now and then.
  • I plan to steadily build up the content on the site on a regular basis.
A few more things I'll mention:
  • I have moved quite a few articles from iPhone Obsessed over to Chomer.com.
  • There was already quite a few articles on programming on Chomer.com covering such subjects as VBA and more.
  • You can download a freeware version of a solitaire Mahjongg game that I wrote some time back. Sadly this game only works on a Windows platform. But it works pretty well.

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