Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back from the iPhone DevTalk

Well, I just got back from the Chicago iPhone DevTalk. Some people will say keep your expectations low and you won't have as far to fall when you get let down! Based on all I have read, I decided to come not expecting the world. I learned a few things. But nothing earth-shattering.
  • Information on building native apps? Not even mentioned.
  • Information on event handling for your web apps that hasn't appear on the general web as of yet? Nada.
  • I am a newbie when it comes to using OSX and my new MacBook. I couldn't really get into my web host to do any developing during the period designated for it.

On the positive note:

  • I learned some subtle design ideas to give my web apps that "iPhone" look.
  • Some items that I knew about were explained in some more detail.
  • I saw some demos of sample apps in various stages of completion given by other attendees. ... I didn't have anything ready. Boo hisss!
  • I got to talk to some other attendees and exchange ideas.
  • I got to give some idea feedback directly to an Apple staffer there.
  • I got a free continental breakfast!
  • I got a very nice free lunch!
  • Free soft drinks and bottled water.
  • I learned more about using Google Maps from my web app.
  • I got the day off (I used up a personal day)!
  • The conference was just a few blocks away from where I work.
  • I had fun!

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