Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thoughts on Traversing the iPhone Safari DOM

This thought provoking page reveals an exploration of the DOM in the iPhone Safari web browser. There is mention of using the Dojo debug statement to do this. This page made me think of something on BrainJar.com which enumerates through all the objects in the DOM and displays the hierarchy for you. My thought is to write something like this which uses Ajax to send back to the server this info and then have another page which displays the results. This results page would be viewed on a regular sized screen hooked up to a PC rather than the iPhone display. One could expand/collapse items in a tree view of the DOM and explore what's there. Anyone working on such a thing?

What's very cool to me is that running the viewer in IE on my PC, it exposes a list of events that my browser supports. Can this be done with the iPhone? Once these events are "discovered," one could write a test page using these events and see what happens when doing X or Y on the page.

To be honest, I'm really not interested right now in how it compares with other browsers or devices. I just want to know that for the iPhone, it works thus-and-thus.

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  1. Checkout Joe Hewitts firebug on an iphone solution. It does pretty much what you're asking for.


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