Tuesday, September 25, 2007

iPhone Web Dev Google Group... Zzzzzzzz

As I do every two or three days, I went out to the iPhone Web Dev Google Group site to see what was new. I've gotta say, things are boring there right now. Not a whole lot of activity. You might say to me, "Well then post something on it fool!" Well I don't have anything to post now. But I'm just one guy. Just one grain of sand in a sea of programmers. Surely something is going on? I speculate:
  • People have lost interest in developing software for the iPhone and their attention has moved on to other things (I hope not).
  • People are busy working on their killer iPhone app and don't have time right now to post something (wait unit it's done and we'll post)... this is the camp I fit in.
  • Everybody knows everything there is to know about the iPhone so there's no point in posting anything anymore (not likely).

Ok, I want to be intellectually entertained. I'm bored.

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