Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making a Call While Using the iPod Feature

Nothing new here about the functionality. This is just a review/comment about making a call while listening to music on my iPhone.

I hadn't actually done this before so I thought I'd give it a try...
  • Started playing some music on my iPhone (I listened in using the ear-buds that came with the phone).
  • As I walked along towards home, I switched over to the Contacts under Phone and picked out a contact (my wife). The music continued to play on. I like how I can do other things on the phone while the music plays. I can even turn the phone "off" and pop it in my pocket and the music plays on.
  • Tapped the phone# of my wife to begin a call.
  • As I did this the music in a very subtle, very gentle way, fades out and the call begins.
  • The phone rang, I talked to my wife via the ear buds.
  • One nice thing here is that I was walking down the street outside and I could hear my wife just fine and she could hear me clearly too. Nice.
  • I hung up.
  • The music began to play again.

Though I knew the iPhone had this functionality, I did not know how easy it would be to use, or, the quality of a phone call using the ear-buds. I found it was very good. Very easy to operate. I'm getting more and more impressed with how Apple has paid attention to details.

Too bad my Blue tooth ear piece isn't as intuitive to setup/use. It took me awhile just to figure out how to get it on my ear! ... I know I'm lame!

I haven't even used the Blue tooth headset yet, but I hope to spend some time with it tonight to hash things out. I'll let you know how it goes, the quality of the audio, etc.

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