Wednesday, December 3, 2008

App Store Issues

The App Store on the iPhone is a great feature! At the touch of a button you have access to hundreds, no thousands of different applications that you can download and run on your iPhone.

I've noticed that Apple has been improving the App Store of late:

- Multiple screen shots.
- Icons on top level lists of randomly selected apps.
- A Report Problem button.

And more subtle visual changes that make this tool look even classier.

But I've been noticing one problem for awhile. Looking at the screen shot up above, can you tell what it is?

The app Disney Fairies Fly! appears more than once in the list. In this case they appear just a couple rows away. I saw quite a few apps during this sitting that were listed more than once.

It would sure be nice if Apple fixed this. I'm not going to whine too much though, the App Store is a brilliant idea and it is getting better as time goes along. What do you think?

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